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Our Mission At Snipes H3


Welcome to Snipes H3, a place where our mission extends beyond meeting basic needs; it's a commitment to nurturing lives and enabling individuals to reach their full potential. Established in 2023, we dedicate ourselves to supporting those grappling with homelessness, housing instability, and the impacts of abuse and discrimination. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of these challenges, we strive to offer more than temporary solutions, providing a foundation for a new start in an environment that fosters hope, growth, and transformation.

Tailored Support for Unique Journeys

At Snipes H3, we view each person's journey as unique and tailor our programs to support individual paths to stability and self-sufficiency. While our initial focus is on young adults aged 18-24, we welcome anyone in need of a supportive community to rebuild their lives. A new start here means being part of a caring community that provides tools for personal growth and stands beside each individual every step of the way.

Our mission is to create opportunities for individuals to discover and realize their full potential, embodying the idea of "Be All You Can Be." We believe in the immense potential within every person and are committed to unlocking it, one person at a time.

Our Story


Our Founder's Inspiration

Snipes H3 was founded by Tobaski Snipes, a highly decorated retired Army helicopter pilot

and surgical tech, whose extensive travels during his military career shaped his understanding of societal disparities. Transitioning into social work in 2018, his experiences became the cornerstone of Snipes H3, established as an LLC in 2021 and attaining it's 501(c)3 status in 2023.  While our initial focus is on young adults, our mission encompasses all at risk of homelessness due to various adversities.

Tobaski's military background and dedication to social work have significantly influenced Snipes H3’s approach. His mentoring experience brings a unique perspective and compassionate understanding to the complexities surrounding homelessness and social vulnerability.

In addition to his professional journey, Tobaski takes immense pride in his role as a father, raising both a son and a daughter. His commitment to family values further underscores his dedication to creating a better future for those in need through Snipes H3.


Our Facility and Programs


Our Kennewick facility, located at 2625 W. Bruneau Place, #136, is more than just housing. Our 12-bed co-ed environment is thoughtfully designed to foster personal growth and development. We offer a full gym, a game room, a quiet room for reflection and study, a music room for creative expression, and a garden for connecting with nature. Shared spaces like the kitchen foster a sense of community and mutual respect among residents.

In addition to these amenities, we focus on case management and personal development, ensuring an inclusive and comprehensive growth experience for all our participants.

Our Comprehensive Approach


Empowering Through Pillars of Success

At Snipes H3, our programs are built around five key pillars: Self-Care, Integrity, Community, Vision, and Resilience. These principles guide our approach to empower individuals on their journey towards self-reliance and success:

  • Self-Care: We encourage practices that maintain and improve well-being.

  • Integrity: Honesty and ethical behavior are woven into all our interactions and services.

  • Community: We foster a supportive network that cultivates shared responsibilities and social connections.

  • Vision: We help participants set and pursue goals for a prosperous future.

  • Resilience: Our programs instill strength to face challenges and recover and grow from them.


These pillars form the foundation of our tailored educational programs, job assistance, mentorship, and community engagement initiatives. Through ongoing support, we aim to nurture sustainable and fulfilling lives for all we serve.

Inclusivity and Community Impact



At Snipes H3, inclusivity is central to our mission. We recognize that homelessness and housing instability affect individuals from all walks of life. Our empathetic and solution-oriented approach caters to a diverse range of individuals, including young adults, those escaping abuse or discrimination, and those facing economic hardships. We provide shelter and create an environment where individuals can heal, grow, and become active, contributing members of their communities.

Our Vision for the Future


Guided by Tobaski Snipes' leadership, Snipes H3 is committed to being a source of positive change and growth. Our goal is to break the cycles of homelessness and instability, ensuring access to supportive services that nurture sustainable and fulfilling lives. We constantly strive to expand our reach, enhance our programs, and adapt to the changing needs of our community, aiming to create lasting, positive transformations within individual lives and throughout the wider community.

Meet The Team

Our Village

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