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Programs and Services


Snipes H3 is dedicated to providing innovative support and services to our community's most vulnerable population. We offer a range of programs designed to empower individuals and foster positive change in their lives. Our three distinct programs, alongside various other services, address the unique needs of those seeking housing, mentorship, and personal development opportunities.

Our Flagship - H3 Hall


H3 HALL is our flagship transitional housing program. It stands as the cornerstone of our commitment to homeless youth aged 18-24, offering them a life-changing opportunity for a brighter future. To be eligible for H3 HALL, individuals must be actively enrolled in either our employment or education programs, ensuring a holistic approach to their growth and success. Once accepted into H3 HALL, participants gain access to a welcoming 4-bedroom co-ed dormitory, creating a tight-knit community within our program's supportive living environment, where a total of 12 available beds await those in need.

Employment Program


Our Employment Program is tailored to individuals seeking to secure employment. We recognize that job acquisition encompasses more than just application submissions; thus, we provide a range of vital services. Our program offers guidance on mock interviews, resume building, and appropriate interview attire. Moreover, we actively connect participants with available job opportunities in the community, facilitating access to potential employers. We also offer ongoing support and mentorship throughout the job-seeking process, ensuring that participants have the guidance and encouragement they need at every step toward building a more promising future. 



Central to the ethos of Snipes H3 is our mentoring program, where wisdom meets aspiration through the nurturing guidance of experienced mentors. This empowering relationship is more than support; it's a transformative journey where mentors inspire participants to see beyond their circumstances. Our mentors are committed to cultivating a mindset geared towards solutions, resilience, and personal agency. By equipping our youth with problem-solving skills and a forward-thinking outlook, we encourage them not to remain bound by their past but to become architects of their own futures. In this environment of trust and encouragement, each individual learns to navigate life's challenges with confidence, embracing their role as proactive contributors to their own lives and the broader community.

Educational Program


In our High School Completion Program, participants are enrolled in high school, actively pursuing their diploma, with consideration for GED completion on a case-by-case basis. On-site classes are mandatory, and daily attendance is required. To provide additional academic support, we offer on-site tutors on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, ensuring that participants receive personalized assistance. Furthermore, we extend our commitment to education by offering enrollment assistance for higher education, empowering individuals to advance their educational aspirations and achieve their goals.

Life Skills Training


The Life Skills Training Program at Snipes H3 is a comprehensive initiative designed to equip individuals with the essential skills necessary for successful adult life. The program offers a spectrum of educational experiences that span financial literacy, career preparation, and day-to-day life management. Participants engage in interactive sessions that cover budgeting, saving, and navigating the financial world, alongside job readiness training that includes resume development and interview techniques. Essential life management skills, such as time management, healthy cooking, and effective communication, are also integral parts of the curriculum.

Community Empowerment Program


At Snipes H3, our commitment to fostering positive change extends well beyond our program participants who reside at our facilities. Through our Community Empowerment Program, we provide advocacy and resources to support individuals within our broader community, whether they are experiencing homelessness or not. We understand that many individuals face challenges related to mental health, substance abuse, housing, and employment. Part of our mission is to bridge the gap and ensure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to essential resources and support. Whether you are seeking guidance, information, or assistance, our dedicated team is here to empower you on your journey towards improved mental well-being, recovery, stable housing, and meaningful employment.

What Our Participants Say


Taylee F.

"I had nowhere to go.  I was kicked out of all the places I had.  I was lost but then I found Snipes H3.  Snipes H3 saved my life.  They help guide me and help me be a better person in life so I can succeed."
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